About MCIC

35+ Years of Experience

MultiCorp International, Inc (MCIC) is a publicly-traded corporation with deep experience in growing and nurturing successful companies.

Our senior management team has been in the public sector for a combined 55+ years – and understand what it takes to win in today’s diverse, ultra-competitive marketplace.

We have a particular expertise in helping emerging companies explore and define their potential.

MCIC Background

Nine years ago, a vision became reality when MultiCorp went public in order to take advantage of the considerable benefits a strong shareholder base can bring.

Over the years, our company has had successes, and learned a few hard lessons about what it takes to succeed in the Public arena. That experience has led us to our core business philosophy.

We are truth tellers. Which means that whenever we consider a potential partnership, we start by providing a clear, deeply researched evaluation of the company’s current and potential prospects.

Good and bad. It’s not always a pretty picture, and the process will sometimes end with a decision to walk away.

BUT, if you’re looking for honest unfiltered insights, and the chance to explore a potential growth partnership, then we’re here to assist with strategy, experience, and acumen in the public sector.

Our Plan

MCIC will provide resources and support to help your company reach the next level – Management; Strategic Planning; Financial Oversight; Re-search & Development; Marketing & Branding; Information Technology and more. All filtered through our years of experience in the public sector.

Our Vision

Assist our partners in providing a Clear Path – a unique roadmap to success.

With a dedicated focus on cutting-edge healthcare solutions and leveraging the power of technology, we ensure that your business not only survives but thrives in today’s fast-paced online world.

Our Key Member

Ben Friedman


Ben Friedman is an entrepreneur and business visionary with a special expertise in helping smaller to mid-sized companies reach their next level of success.

A licensed pharmacist who has owned & operated retail pharmacies across the U.S.

Ben has a deep background in medical and healthcare-related industries, and extensive experience in hospital and healthcare environments. He has consulted with industry-leading distributors and manufacturers in pharmaceutical and healthcare related areas.

Ben has also developed a wide variety of retail and wholesale companies, including cosmetics, a line of vitamin supplements, retail pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesale companies.

Ben has owned, operated, and managed hotels such as Holiday Inn, Friendship Inn and Howard Johnson Hotels through his hotel management company. He currently has extensive real estate developments and holdings, and international partnerships in the US and Canada.

Experience You Can Trust

MultiCorp International Inc engages in the medical business in the United States.The company's services include Healthcare & Technology Services


Primary Industry - Drug Discovery, HEALTH & TECHNOLOGY.


Ownership Status - Publicly Held

MultiCorp International Inc engages in the medical business in the United States.The company's services include Healthcare and Technology Services.

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5308 Derry Avenue Suite R Agoura Hills, CA 91301

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