Environmental, Social & Governance Responsibility

Multicorp International Inc.


As a company, MCIC strives to make our customers happy in every interaction, with every product

We take great pride in providing our employees a fun yet productive culture, an open work
environment, and highly competitive workplace benefits.

We are also equally committed to making Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) central to MCIC’s culture
and organization as it is a critical embodiment of our core value of care.

In our workplace, we launched our MCIC Talks initiative which included a nine-part series entitled Race
in the Workplace, to foster an open space for our employees to learn more about each other’s unique
backgrounds.In addition, we also launched our inaugural Employee Resource Group (ERG) program with a focus on
Black, Latinx, Womens, Veterans, and LGBTQ+ communities.

Our value of care is the foundation for the empathy and vulnerability needed to drive a meaningful DEI
effort. This is everyone’s responsibility and we strive to make MCIC an innovator in this area to build a
stronger platform, culture, and community.


Our DEI Team continues to partner with teams leading our product design and marketing to invest in
making our products even more inclusive and accessible to the diverse set of communities we serve. We
have been working diligently in web accessibility to our product as A11Y-friendly as possible with
product features that will help diverse communities interact better.


Our sustainability program is also designed to achieve a direct positive impact on the environment, and
considers range of workplace initiatives to mitigate climate change and address other pressing
environmental issues.

As COVID-19 forced our employees around the world to quickly adapt to working remotely, we took the
opportunity to reimagine our real estate needs with an emphasis on safety and sustainability. We are
looking at our global operational footprint to identify areas for sustainability and engaging our
employees in sustainable initiatives, such as energy conservation and waste reduction.

MultiCorp International Inc engages in the medical business in the United States.The company's services include Healthcare and Technology Services.

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