What We Bring To The Table


We’re already where you want to be. We are listed and trading publicly, have raised significant capital, and are on a path to expand. You could be joining forces with a strong, established public company whose large shareholder base provides strength and purpose.


If the fit is right, MultiCorp could provide the re¬sources and support to help your company reach the next level – Management; Strategic Planning; Financial Oversight; Re-search & Development; Marketing & Branding; Information Technology and more. All filtered through our years of experience in the public sector.


Our management team has worked in a wide range of high-profile market categories, including real estate, medical, food service, petroleum, cosmetics, financial services, and retail…to name a few.


We start any business partnership by working with you to develop an action plan we call the Clear Path – your company’s unique roadmap to success. It’s all about helping to remove roadblocks, managing the surprises that inevitably arise, and seizing opportunities as they come into view.


Once we agree on our strategies, the MultiCorp team works with you every step of the way to help make them happen.

Find out what your business could be.

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