MultiCorp International, Inc. to Develop 4 Arm Study for Emergency Room Clinical Trials With Patented Migraine Medicine

Company Received Direction From FDA for Study -- Will Focus Solely on the Furtherance of the Migraine Medicine to
Bring to Market

SUN VALLEY, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 21, 2016) - MultiCorp International, Inc. (OTC PINK: MCIC) has received a report from the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration that gives the company specific guidelines in creating a 4 arm study to administer the patented migraine medicine in an emergency room

The company released the following statement: "The company has received a detailed response to the Pre-IND submission sent to the U.S. Food and
Drug Administration for the further development of the patented migraine medicine the company has ownership in. The FDA has responded in supplying
the company with a clear roadmap to develop a 4 arm study wherein the medicine will be dispensed in an emergency room setting for patients that enter
the ER for migraine relief. This study will give the company feedback on the efficacy of the drug as compared to other medications currently being
dispensed to relieve migraines. This study significantly will speed up the process to bring the product to market."

The company also stated it is suspending all other areas of business to focus 100% on the further development of the medicine. As the migraine industry
in the U.S. is currently in excess of $800 Million per year, the company feels that this medicine could capture a 10-15% market share which would place a
value of the medicine at $80-$120 Million
MultiCorp Medical
A division of Multicorp International, Inc.
MultiCorp International, Inc. Engages Compass Point Research to Collaborate With NDA Partners to Develop Patented
Migraine Combination Drug
Mar 31, 2015

Company Engages NDA Partners and Compass Point Research to Finalize Submission for Meeting With FDA

SUN VALLEY, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 31, 2015) - MultiCorp International, Inc, (OTC PINK: MCIC) has engaged Compass Point Research of Nashville,
Tennessee to manage the product development program, and NDA Partners, of Rochelle, Virginia will provide the drug development and regulatory
expertise needed to prepare a development plan for a 505(b)(2) NDA submission to the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and to manage a pre IND
meeting with the FDA review division.

The company released the following statement, "We've spent the last year reviewing and evaluating the best path for the company to take in order to
submit the migraine medicine for the company to gain acceptance and approval from the FDA for the patented migraine medicine. Notwithstanding our
previous work with another firm, we feel we've made the proper decision in order to move forward with Compass Point Research and NDA Partners. Their
extensive experience in drug development and overall management of the FDA submission process will put MultiCorp in a position to capitalize on the
opportunities the migraine medicine may bring." stated Mr. Paul D. Lisenby, CEO of MultiCorp International, Inc. Mr. Lisenby further stated, "Compass
Point has assembled an outstanding team to help us develop a clear path towards FDA submission and approval, and we look forward to working with
them to fill this important medical need."

About Compass Point Research
Compass Point Research is a full-service clinical and translational research management and consulting firm. The company's focus is on facilitating all
aspects of clinical trials operations for community-based healthcare providers, including drug, device, nutritional supplement and consumer product
development from discovery through clinical studies, and post-approval support. In addition, Compass Point develops and coordinates multi-center
outcomes and registry trials for industry sponsors, healthcare providers and payers, delivering scientifically rigorous research outcomes in an affordable
environment. The company has been able to assist providers with not only eliminating a subsidy for research, but actually realizing a net profit for the
department or cost center while adhering to all governing regulations and internal standard operating procedures.

About NDA Partners
NDA Partners is a strategy consulting firm specializing in expert product development and regulatory advice to the medical products industry and
associated service industries such as law firms, investment funds and government research agencies. The highly experienced Principals and Premier
Experts of NDA Partners include two former FDA Center Directors; the former Chairman of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
(MHRA) in the UK; an international team of approximately 60 former pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agency senior executives; and an extensive
roster of highly proficient experts in specialized areas including nonclinical development, toxicology, pharmacokinetics, CMC, clinical development,
regulatory submissions, and development program management. Services include product development and regulatory strategy, expert consulting,
high-impact project teams, and virtual product development teams.
MultiCorp International, Inc. Announces the Hiring of Healthcare Executive to Become New Chief Executive Officer
Feb 11, 2016

Mr. David Gustafson to Take Over as CEO of Company

SUN VALLEY, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 11, 2016) - MultiCorp International, Inc, (OTC PINK: MCIC) announced today that
the company has hired David Gustafson as the new CEO of the company.

The company released the following statement, "MultiCorp International, Inc. is excited to announce that Mr. David Gustafson has taken over the helm of
Chief Executive Officer of the company on an interim basis. The current CEO, Mr. Paul D. Lisenby, is taking a leave of absence due to medical reasons.
There is no timetable for his return. In the meantime, we welcome Mr. Gustafson aboard as our CEO to spearhead the efforts of the company in the further
development of the patented migraine medicine. Mr. Gustafson's 35 years of broad based, comprehensive, professional experience in the health care
industry ranging from the operation of hospitals to medical groups, to integrated health delivery systems will benefit the company in developing and
managing the 4-Arm Study the FDA is requiring for the migraine medicine, move the drug into further clinical trials, and to look for additional opportunities
in the healthcare field for the company that can be capitalized upon to bring in additional revenue and profits. The Board of Directors also stated that they
may possibly change the name of the company to further reflect the company's direction in the healthcare sector. The BOD also stated there will be no
changes to the share structure of the company at this time."

About MultiCorp International, Inc.

MultiCorp International, Inc is committed itself to the further development of the patented migraine medicine the company owns a significant percentage of.
The company has received information from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that provides the company with a clear path to further the
development of the drug to bring to market. The company is currently looking to partner with a pharmaceutical company that can assist the company in
bringing the migraine medicine to market. For further information please contact them at

About Mr. David Gustafson

David Gustafson is an executive with over 35 years of broad based, comprehensive, professional experience in the health care industry ranging from the
operation of hospitals to medical groups, to integrated health delivery systems. Hospitals he managed have ranged in size from 49 to over 300 beds. His
managed care experience ranges from design and implementation of a new managed care psychiatric treatment product for a major health plan, to launch
of hospital based IPAs and a specialty IPA, to providing executive leadership for a hospital operating in a very tightly structured integrated healthcare
delivery system, successful start-up of an ACO, and more recently, managing two IPAs serving over 42,000 members in the Inland Empire of Southern

In playing out the Senior Executive's external role he has served in a variety of community organizations such as the United Way, Chamber of Commerce,
and service clubs. A frequent public speaker he has served on the adjunct faculty of Concordia College, Moorhead Minnesota, and has lectured at
Pepperdine University, before a variety of clubs and organizations, and at hospital association seminars.

David holds a B.A. Degree in Business from Moorhead State University in Minnesota, and a Master's Degree in Hospital Administration from the University
of Minnesota, a program for which he has served as a preceptor and mentor.
Dear MultiCorp International, Inc. Shareholders,

These are exciting times as we move forward with the migraine medication as the sole focus for our company. The feedback we have
received from the FDA has given us a clear roadmap for taking this product through the next step. Having worked with Dr. Salehani in
collaboration with MCIC over the past 2 years in support of the  development of the migraine medicine, I know the value of Dr Salehani’s
prior studies as well as the information he was able to provide the FDA on patients he has treated with this medication, which was useful
in the generation of the FDA’s report.

We believe that the valuation on the patent warranted the company in suspending all other operations in order to focus 100% of our
energy on being a pharmaceutical and medical company. As part of that transition, I have agreed to take the position as interim CEO in
order to advance MultiCorp in these areas. I have offered my 35 years of experience in the health care industry because I feel the
migraine medicine should get FDA approval and become a significant solution for the treatment of migraine headaches.  In addition, we  
are exploring other opportunities for the company which could add to the growth and value of the company going forward. By capitalizing
on my experience and using my knowledge of the healthcare industry the company can and will identify other avenues for revenue in the
medical industry.

In the last couple of weeks, we have been in discussions with companies with the potential to facilitate the 4-arm study in the Emergency
Room setting which the FDA has stated should be the site in which our trials take place.  As I’m sure you realize, the FDA has high
expectations regarding accuracy and transparency in the conducting of and reporting of these trials, which will be time consuming and
costly.  Accordingly, we will be partnering with firms that have the experience and depth necessary in order to satisfy the standards
established by the FDA.

The response from the FDA outlines that upon successful completion of the 4-arm, proof of concept study, the medicine will be ready for
phase 3 of the clinical trials. This allows us to skip Phases 1 and 2 clinical trials in part because of previous clinical research that has been
done. Having our medication placed in Phase 3 clinical trial status automatically places a higher valuation on the patent and significantly
increases the chances of it getting final FDA approval in order to be fully commercialized. Our investment of time, money and effort in the
pre-IND has already created value for the company and our shareholders.

When the 4-arm study begins, we plan on creating an advisory panel of qualified physicians in various practice areas which will assist the
company in interpreting the study findings and assist the company in its path forward. In addition, this advisory panel can open other
opportunities in the medical field that the company has not been exposed to previously.

The company’s ultimate goal is to bring this product to market. However, should the opportunity arise wherein we can capitalize on a
potential sale to a large pharma company, the Board of Directors will fully evaluate this opportunity and do what’s best for MCIC now, and
in the future.
We plan to keep our shareholders updated through proper legal channels.  I look forward to growing this company into a leader in the
medical sector.   


David Gustafson