About MultiCorp International

MultiCorp International, Inc is a diverse company that operates in various business sectors that show true growth potential. The company builds on its executives experience in property development, constructions, medical, and hospitality as well as commodities such as oil and gas, and entertainment.

MultiCorp seeks out and acquires companies in several targeted business fields that have strong potential, seasoned management experience, and show true potential for exponential growth.

While our process may seem simple to some – look for and acquire companies in growth sectors – our standards are set high. A complete due diligence package must be met before any consideration is made to move forward. If, at any time, any component of our criteria is not met, that potential business will not be considered to become part of MultiCorp International, Inc.

MultiCorp will continue to build and grow in the future. Our expansion will be global in nature and the company continues to look at projects/companies throughout the world. The vision of management for MultiCorp is to diversify into many fields wherein management’s expertise along with our strategic partners experience will raise the company’s bottom line profitability.